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Thread: So, my first Beanbay order arrives.

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    So, my first Beanbay order arrives.

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I love coffee, good coffee. I enjoy ordering from a coffee bar and having that perfect coffee flavour hit my taste buds, it makes it worthwhile.

    So I always wondered why I settled for supermarket bought?

    Enter coffeesnobs. I found this forum one day looking for information on machines....and Wednesday I ordered a sampler.

    I got a phone call today, from the missus, her day off you see.. "Your coffees here, can I open it!"

    "No" I cry...

    I open the front door, and I can smell it, through the gold bags, through the hessian bag, through the express post nose starts to run, damnit I have a cold!

    So I carefully pull all the safeway beans out of the inbuilt grinder, then I just turned it upside down and shook it...

    Hrm, Peru Ceja de Selva Estate sounds good, in it goes, the grind, the shot, the milk......the taste....oh my...yum! Ill never buy supermarket again...

    Now, another one of these, then one each of the others.....Ill be up all night!

    Thanks Andy :)

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    Re: So, my first Beanbay order arrives.

    Quote Originally Posted by 5F495A4C4D46280 link=1267772351/0#0 date=1267772351
    Ill never buy supermarket again.
    Thats what we all like to hear!

    Have fun exploring new flavours and fresh coffee, you can see what we are all getting so excited about now.


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    Re: So, my first Beanbay order arrives.

    Roasting your own is only a heartbeat away(or $5 for a second hand popcorn popper)!, make sure you try the espresso WOW roasted by Andy, it is another dimension!

    Let the Journey begin!

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    Re: So, my first Beanbay order arrives.

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    i have for some reason been putting off buying from beanbay :(
    but after reading this post i will be having another look, i love the description it made me go straight to the coffee machine and fire it up ;D
    i have a fresh 1kg bag of gigante beans i bought from peaberrys to get through first, but my next lot will be from here, thanks ;)

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