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Thread: Help Needed! Coffee Cooking dramas ASAP!!!

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    Help Needed! Coffee Cooking dramas ASAP!!!

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hello all,

    News has just hit that we(my fiance and i)can no longer get the 55 60ml wine sample plastic cups we were going to use to serve vanilla panna cotta over caramalised coffee from our usual supplier! :o

    We are Catering for a 55 head 50th birthday function on SATURDAY that consists of 4 bread based dishes dishes, 4 savory hot, 4 savory cold and 4 deserts, one of these deserts requires 60ml cups......our supplier no longer stocks the 60ml plastic cups we require.....we looked at 60ml glass espresso cups but they are simply too expensive at $2 each, looking to spend no more than $1 each

    So im looking for ideas, my head is fried and i cant think for myself! HELP!!! as we are cooking like crazy ppl and will be all night.....can anyone make any suggested solutions? i need to have 55 of them for pickup tomorrow, :o

    Please help if you can


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    Re: Help Needed! Coffee Cooking dramas ASAP!!!

    Dont coles / woolies / carazy clarks / etc have somthing like what ya want...

    Happy to make a quick dash if ya want ??

    On my way to Toombal shopping centre.. NOW

    Call me... *ASAP

    0400 *US Police number 804

    I can collect / take pics and e-mail ya..


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    Re: Help Needed! Coffee Cooking dramas ASAP!!!

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    Can get good glass wine and or flute type at $1 each.

    Only 48 wine or 60 flute or you may want half and half???

    36 of each and would leave you some spares.

    Can pick up and met you mid morning??

    Your call....

    PS: Call me ya bugger... Daddy is getting concerned you have been on teh phone while driving :D

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