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Thread: Anyone dealt with Just Coffee in Darwin?

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    Anyone dealt with Just Coffee in Darwin?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    Im moving to Darwin to live. I currently live in Melbourne and inherited a 6910/4300 combo in November. With some fantastic advice from previous posts in this place, Im now making a brew that is approaching being the equal of the cafe down the road from work. The learing process is ongoing, and hopefully Ill reach the exceed level. Ive been using roasted beans from Quists or Jaspers.

    In a quick look around on the interwebs, the only place I can find that roasts its own appears to be Just Coffee (<link deleted>). I cant find mention of it here. Anyone had any experience with it?

    On a quick first trip up a few weeks ago, I did find a cafe that claims to roast daily on site. The roaster was clearly visible and operating at the time. I didnt have time to sample the wares, but Ill be moving there in a week.



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    Re: Anyone dealt with Just Coffee in Darwin?

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    Youll need to remove the links spit take, its a sponsored site, ive never heard of em, not unusual from darwin though ;D (i lived there for 4 years) your lucky!, there werent too many cafes there when i lived there, too hot for coffee :P

    Best of luck in sunny darwin mate, its a beautiful place, i spent 60% of the build up in Berry Springs ;D

    [edit]Just looked at their site......they are at the mindel beach markets.....memories ::) concerned about the Glad bags that customer is sniffing beans from :o[/edit]

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