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Thread: Storing Green Beans

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    Storing Green Beans

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    Hi all
    What is the best way for storing green beans? Seems to be conflicting methods some say airtight container, cloth bags, paper bags, fridge, no fridge. Please help!!!!!!!

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    Re: Storing Green Beans

    Has been discussed many times before but I believe the general view is cloth bags like they are delivered in from bean bay and kept in a cool dark place. There is a bit of discussion going on as to what effect the environment has on the longevity of the beans but as yet nothing concrete. (stay away from the fridge though would be my opinion)

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    Re: Storing Green Beans

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    Site search is a good place to start ;)

    Mine stay in the beanbay bags and I store any others I get back in the empty ones if they come in plastic. Dry cool and dark apart from that.

    Oh yeah and the fridge is where you store the beer and milk and NOT THE BEANS BE THEY GREEN OR BROWN

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