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Thread: How many grams in a double basket?

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    How many grams in a double basket?

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    Another silly question from me.

    Just bought a dosing grinder (Compak K3 WBC) for our Expobar Megacrem 2-group and have been adjusting the doser, which is factory set at 6 grams.

    The retailer advised that a double basket takes 18 grams, but spare parts sites seems mostly to have 12 - 14 gram baskets.

    Im hoping to verify how many grams go in an Expobar basket (and any other tips that might be useful),



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    Re: How many grams in a double basket?

    Depends on how much you put in it and how fine you grind.

    Three basic parts to the equation, Grind Dose and Tamp. Also Basket size plays a role here too as baskets vary as do shower screen heights.

    "Normal" Tamp pressure is considered 15kg.

    Dose, best to stick with a weighed dose while you are getting things settled. 14g would be a good place to start.

    Grind, adjust to give the desired run time of 25-30 seconds - 60ml. Check for blonding or other problems.

    Then adjust only one variable at a time is the important thing and taste to see if it improves.

    If you grind finer as I am currently doing at home you can pack more into the basket, but to keep the shot pulling at a sensible pressure on the Pavoni then I am using a much lighter tamp to compensate. Tamp pressure is more like 5kg I guess but the shot tastes better so I am playing with that. Current dose is 17-18g in a basket designed for 14-15.

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    Re: How many grams in a double basket?

    Thanks, thats very helpful. It seems like might have been overdosing using our doserless grinder - although the shots were very good. Have to keep playing, but good to know there arent any hard and fast rules.

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    Re: How many grams in a double basket?

    Agree. there is no absolute correct amount that goes in your double basket. *Generally we try to fit in a bit more than the nominal amount the basket is rated at because .... it tastes better, as long as you can fit the pf in without having to force it because puck is touching the shower-screen too hard.
    I have also found that tamp pressure is over-rated, an even tamp is however important. (But to get a feel for tamping pressure it is good practice to try tamping on some scales and calibrate your arm so you know what 15kg feels like).

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    Re: How many grams in a double basket?

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    Choose a basket size that produces coffee that you like
    This can be 14 to 18 grams
    14 grams may be to weak for your pallet


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