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Perhaps we here at CS should create new terminology which would hopefully permeate around the world. *Something like:

Traditional Lever - e.g. La Pavoni Europiccola
[s]Lever[/s] - e.g. Giotto
Manual - e.g. Silvia
Semi-Auto - Diadema Junior Electronic, EM6910
Auto (or Crapo-matic) - [s]Jura[/s], etc.

Sorry Im getting OT now...
Yea.. Assumptions

Traditional Lever - e.g. La Pavoni Europiccola
Leva - e.g. Giotto, Diadema, Shuttle etc etc
Manual - e.g. Silvia, BZ 99
Semi-Auto - Diadema Junior Electronic, EM6910
Auto (or Crapo-matic) - Saceo / Delonghi, etc.

I still stand by my old concepts..

It is about the shot... *So many variables and people trying to use marketing terms..

A: Manual = Operator Starts and STOPS the SHOT.

B: Semi-Auto = Operator Starts BUT the machine stops the shot (time / Volume etc) - Usually has a manual override.

C: AUTO = Operator starts the Process... The machine starts and stops the shot and a whole lot of other crap.

Note: Small manual toggle /lever that just manage the 3 way group solenoid and activate the Shot via a push switch... Are not a Lever machine... And the term Lever is totally wrong and misleading... They are a manual to me.

I have stop counting the number of times people say they just got a lever or an Auction site says Lever for sale; I get all excited, teh BP rises and let down again...... Just an every day Manual *::)

I guess the nomenclature is for ever changing BUT for me it has always been based around the SHOT..

Not if it had a grinder built in Or a shot timer or Volumetric or a toggle switch or push button or key pad etc..

In the context of use; it is about the Start and Stopping of the SHOT.

From a marketing context.. Ya give me $$$ you can call it any thing ya want *;D