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Thread: Brazilian Daterra

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    Brazilian Daterra

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    Anybody heard of Brazilian Daterra??

    The first Brazilian coffee to be Rain Forest Alliance Certified. Grown on perhaps the most advanced "model farm" in Brazil and maybe the world. "Quality Fanatic" is a good description of the owners approach to agriculture. The Daterra even has an ISO designation. Another first. This is an extraordinary bean. Smooth and sweet and lacking the bitterness found in many common Brazilian coffees.

    In tasting, a nutty peanut taste at the front. Everyone remarks on the aroma. As well they should. Brazils are known for that. But clearly this is not the standard Brazilian. In fact some have noted, negatively, that is has more of a Central American profile and therefor is not real Brazilian*. While they may have a point, the combination of great aroma, nutty- fruity tastes and the classic smooth, lower acid quality of Brazilians, make this a very pleasant winner.

    Sounds good :P

    Warren -

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    Re: Brazilian Daterra

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight

    I do not have first hand knowledge of the DaTerra. I know it is being offered on another site but it is not something I have asked about or been offered by any of the suppliers I regularly deal with.

    I currently have 3 different Brazils to look at for listing as the base for espresso blends. I expect we will find what we are looking for with at least one of these.

    I will be interested to hear more about the DaTerra. At the moment this looks to be a relatively new and different to the traditional Brazils. From other interests in my life I know that new and different often mean a price premium that is not always justified. This one certainly carries a higher price than the Brazils I am looking at but it is still seems quite reasonable.



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