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Thread: I appreciate the advice

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    I appreciate the advice

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    A quick post to say thank you to all the experienced CSers for their informative threads *:). *
    I picked up the coffee bug about a year ago when I was lucky enough to live near the Pioneer Roastery. *I discovered their great coffee only weeks before leaving the area. *Since moving to Central QLD and after reading many threads at CS, Ive picked up a 6910, a 450 and a Crazy popper. *With a bit of experimenting, Im now enjoying quite decent coffee - if I do say so myself.
    Am still very much an amateur and want to work my way up to a nice expensive machine and grinder, but have learnt how good a coffee can be extracted with cheapish hardware if youre using recently roasted beans, freshly ground and half decent technique.
    Thanks again for all the advise on roasting, hardware etc. *Without ever having to post a question Ive been able to learn a great deal. *:)

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    Re: I appreciate the advice

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    Welcome CV...

    Opening post usually in another topic area... But your post / feedback and notice of intentions are all good..

    Warning... Central Qld... Then ya use to rocky roads ;)


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