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    Hello snobs :)
    I just wanna ask, do you think that I can find a job as a barista if I dont have an experience? Ive done a barista course. I really would like to work as a barista but Ive found it hard to find something where expereince arent needed. Everyone wants 2 or more years exp.
    Many thanks 8-)

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    Re: job


    it gets back to my beef with bits of paper being useless. Experience and a good attitude toward work are more important IMO. In the case of coffee a passion and an interest to improve what you are doing are vital. It is amazing that there are "baristas" out there with bits of paper that dont drink or like coffee :o

    Getting that first job is the hard one when you have that then your reputation and work history will be far more important than any bit of paper or papers. All you can do is keep knocking on doors and try and pick up some shifts wherever you can.

    good luck :)

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    Re: job

    Quote Originally Posted by 202B312C2D2C30430 link=1277086945/0#0 date=1277086945
    I just wanna ask, do you think that I can find a job as a barista if I dont have an experience?
    Yes you can; I did.
    Do a search and youll find the whole story.

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    Yes you can. It may take some time though and lots of pounding the pavement.

    I got offered and subsequently accepted a part time barista job just over a week ago at my favourite coffee shop. I have another part time job and they were looking for someone else to work during busy periods, so I got asked by the owners if I would be interested and started a few days later. It is my first coffee job. They knew how passionate about coffee I was and knew me as a regular customer, so my circumstances are different. Still goes to show it is possible though.

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