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Thread: help!!!

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    I just signed up to this not sure if its the right avenue or approach :P BUT I need someones help!
    I moved to Sydney with the intention of becoming a top Barista or at least reaching my full potential as a Barista...however I have landed this boring job in a quiet cafe, where no one can teach me a thing! The owner is this OTT queen who is more worried about bottling his fresh orange juice than making good coffee...SO ladies and gentlemen I need a new job!
    Enter coffee snobs...if there happpens to be someone out there that knows of any positions available, where by I can work wit great people who know their shite then drop me a line...or reply to this blog I guess...
    Ive had about 5 years experience as a Barista, Im cute and charming and if thats not impressive enough ;) I have a great work ethic!
    Hope to hear from someone! :D

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    Re: help!!!

    I dont think calling your current employer an OTT queen and his venue a boring and quiet cafe + using swearwords in your post is the right approach to finding another employer, no.

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    Re: help!!!

    I agree with Italia jaylo,

    Seems to me that if youre the barista, its your job to worry about coffee quality. That what the person you bad mouth is paying you to do. Perhaps you have failed in your role? *:-?

    Professional development comes to those who seek it...No doubt there are plenty of opportunities to develop your skills in your city, if its one of the majors. Have you done anything about that or are you waiting for everything to come to you?

    The role of a barista is to make coffee and grow the coffee business for the cafe, not be a rock star....Good to keep that in mind at all times. A good measure of humility will also come in handy.

    Good luck in your search...and you will have to search if you want something new as its not likely to fall out of the sky for you. Lastly, you better hope your boss doesnt read your sh!te as you might find yourself in the dole queue tomorrow. If you were working for me, youd be out on your culo. ::)

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    Re: help!!!


    I would agree with Italia.
    This forums postings stay here forever and may come back to haunt you.


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    Re: help!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by 5C574F5A59360 link=1279690755/0#0 date=1279690755
    Hope to hear from someone!
    There ya go Jaylo, three very sensible replies already, trust you learn something from them.
    Oh, welcome to Coffee Snobs. ;)

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    Re: help!!!

    Another issue is insulting your current boss does not portray a good image to any prospective new employer. The last person I would hire is one who pays out on their last employer.

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    Re: help!!!

    Apart from the obvious bits pointed out above, which part of Sydney are you in? What volume are you capable of handling?

    Providing your boss likes you, ask if you can use him/her as a reference, then get out there and APPLY for jobs!

    A lot of cafes are continually on the hunt for a gun barista, even if its only for a day or two a week. Get your foot in the door somewhere, and work from there!

    (Maybe edit your original post to fit in with the suggestions of everyone so far??)

    Good luck! ;D

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    Re: help!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5D7A6F600E0 link=1279690755/5#5 date=1279697894
    Another issue is insulting your current boss does not portray a good image to any prospective new employer. *The last person I would hire is one who pays out on their last employer.
    I disagree. If you have a proper reason for paying out on your previous employer it may actually make me more likely to hire you. For instance if you said "My current employer is really busy working on a side project of juicing and unfortunately its the the detriment of the cafe as hes ignoring the other necessary areas of a successful cafe and whilst Im trying to make good coffee and cover as much of the other areas as possible Im frustrated as sales continue to dwindle. I have discussed it with him but we just cant reach an understanding and its depressing watching his cafe go south." I would take it that you were committed to making a cafe a success and were willing to do as much as possible to do this.

    But if you spoke the way this person types I would assume you were going to be a nightmare and I would likely rather eat my own face than hire you. Plus anyone who describes themselves as cute and charming sends my alarm bells ringing. It reads as arrogant and mirror gazing. Especially when coupled with a needlessly homophobic taunt which is stupid when you consider how many of us work in hospitality or drink in cafes.

    You would want to make an amazing coffee because your personality isnt likely to ever secure you a job or interest anyone in teaching you.

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