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    Thought for the day

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    While at a breakfast meeting with the other technicians at a café, we got onto the topic of coffee one made the comment "Im Xxxxxxxxx nationality so I know good coffee go to this or that café" and I was thinking "Yeah but ive had what was claimed to be authentic Xxxxxxxxxxx nationality coffee and it tasted like shit and not even close to what I can make at home"

    I will try his recomendation for the Café tho.

    Isnt saying im "This nationality" so I know all about "That" about as acurate as me saying "Im a Kiwi so therefore I know all there is to know about Kiwi Fruit?" ;) When all I really know about them is they are brown and fuzzy on the outside green and sometimes yellow on the middle and go pretty damn fine on a pav. ;D

    Maybe I shouldnt pay to much attention to the signs outside Cafés.


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    Re: Thought for the day

    I agree in many ways about what you say, in fact the Kiwi fruit is actually the Chinese Gooseberry (Actinidia Chinensis) and no it doesnt taste good on a Pav, try two instead, one for you and one for me.

    I think I know what you are say in relation to nationalities, I think its the perceived national pride and we have a history of knowing coffee and therefore its in our blood, whether you be Italian, French or even Farengi (I had a laugh) Some cultures have over the years come up with a style of Coffee that is favoured by many, but that doesnt mean that they are supreme though does it?, SO what you say is really quite correct IMHO.

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    Re: Thought for the day

    It is amaising in relation to coffee the number of folks that say they Loooove coffee but when questioned say that the only café they go to is Star Bucks, Gloria Jeans, Hudsons........."Insert international coffee chain here"

    Maybe we really are CoffeeSnobs?


    Wow 2 thoughts in one day.... my head hurts ;)

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    Re: Thought for the day

    Quote Originally Posted by CoffeeMugs link=1098481098/0#2 date=1098483550
    they go to is Star Bucks, Gloria Jeans, Hudsons........."Insert international coffee chain here"
    .....I believe Hudsons is true blue dinky-di Australian.....with an American sounding name....go figure.

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    Re: Thought for the day

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    I think they have Hudsons in NZ too

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