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Thread: Venezuela San Christobal

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    Venezuela San Christobal

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    Gday Andy,

    I know this is a long shot, but Ive had a few requests for a repeat bag of this bean (and Id like some more for myself too!).

    Any more around, or something remotely similar on the horizon?



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    Re: Venezuela San Christobal

    Dont hold your breath...

    twas the first time that we have had a chance to buy the San Christobal and after roasting the samples we bought the lot. Its all gone now and I dont know of any more in the near future.

    We had a fair amount, enough to keep stock in BeanBay for a couple of months so you missed your window to grab more by a week or two.

    Thats the fun of specialty coffee, small lots and once its gone its gone.

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    Re: Venezuela San Christobal

    I tell you what, Im drinking this again this week and enjoying it immensely.

    My brothers dont know how lucky they are that I sent off their roasted beans before I opened my bag of this one.

    If it ever comes up again, I hope you manage to secure some of a similar quality.


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    Re: Venezuela San Christobal

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    I agree. Ive nearly finished my last batch and had a fabulous week of astonishing amounts of gloopy crema (particularly since I use a Presso). This batch stayed in the bag post roast probably about 10 days and seems to get better every day. :)

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