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Thread: Coffee prices SMH.

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    Coffee prices SMH.

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Coffee seems to be getting its fair share of press lately. :)

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    Re: Coffee prices SMH.

    Read the coments bit

    I do so love it when the Italians claim to have the best coffee ;D Amongst the cheapest certainly but the best ::)

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    Re: Coffee prices SMH.

    I have to say however - that during a holiday in Italy a couple of years ago (mainly Tuscany) I found the quality of the coffee excellent almost everywhere we went including the rest centres along the highways. Even dodgy looking establishments still had great coffee. Wheris in the UK for instance, it was an ongoing battle to find quality and consistency. But that was just my experience, and maybe comparing Italy to the UK is probabaly not exactly apples to apples coffee wise.


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    Re: Coffee prices SMH.

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    haha love it.
    its true though. on both counts (comments section).
    if you dont know where to go, in syd, you are likely to be served dishwater.. HOWEVER. *any of australias speciality coffee joints are at the forefront of cupping quality. *unless im much mistaken, Australia has the most roasters per capita, and this can only mean one thing.. that producers and consumers alike are going to be more active in pushing the boundaries of our everyday coffee experience.
    Italians do make a mean brew. *but their downfall is failing to accept changes that expand the industry.
    I only ever ordered espresso in italy and alot of places give tourists that order a latte the smart arse treatment - a cup of warm milk. ;D

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