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Thread: Coffee School or WA Barista Academy?

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    Coffee School or WA Barista Academy?

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    Hi, just looking for a good barista course in Perth. I hear the WA barista academy is amazing...but how does it compare to the coffee school on murray street?

    Are there any other, perhaps better, courses in Perth?

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    Re: Coffee School or WA Barista Academy?

    Id probably go with WABA. Theyre part of 5 Senses and theyd be my choice of trainer.

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    Re: Coffee School or WA Barista Academy?


    i cant comment on the other two, but i did two courses, one for espresso mastery and the latte art class from Epic Espresso and have enjoyed it.

    trained by passionate baristas and having a very small group of 3-4 people when i had my class means personal training and more time on the practical side of it. and you get to play around with the synessos :)

    so yeah i would recommend them. i suggest coming over to each place and have a talk with them, and definitely try their coffee too.

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    Re: Coffee School or WA Barista Academy?

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    I find coffee school run by a coffee company a bit depressing.
    I have done a couple of courses in Perth, and they are focused on brain-washing people instead of teaching how to prepare a good cup of coffee

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