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Thread: Aged green beans

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    Aged green beans

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    I tried some Tobys Estate Woolloomooloo roasted beans. They were freshly roasted, but lacked crema and richness of flavour. I keep grinding finer to try to improve my shots. The blurb says they are roasted from "aged beans" Is this generally a symptom of aged green beans?
    Conversely I tried some "African Mist" which was much better even though they were roasted 6 weeks at time of purchase.

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    Re: Aged green beans

    Having to grind finer is usually a symptom of using older roasted beans. What they are referring to from "aged beans" is using aged green beans in their roast. Aged green beans are said to have more depth and sweetness.

    Maybe try getting some freshly roasted beans (4-7 days post roast) off them and try again. 6 week old coffee isnt going to give you a good result. Typically coffee is best consumed within 2 weeks after roasting.

    BTW what is your setup?

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    Re: Aged green beans

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    New model Gaggia Classic and MDF grinder.
    These aged green beans were stamped as roasted only 3 days ago. Thats why I thought it strange that the results went opposite to the theory that freshly roasted is best.
    So nice to get a reply on the first post!

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