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Thread: Thankyou Coffeecraft - or the story of Spike.

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    Thankyou Coffeecraft - or the story of Spike.

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    About 6 weeks before christmas spike, my trusty Gaggia Classic decided he no longer wanted to extract coffee. I could get water from the steam wand but nothhing from the shower head. Dreading the worst (dead pump), I broke the news to OG and unplugged poor Spike ready to take him down for repairs.

    It took a while to get him there (money plus finding time to get to coffee craft) and on Saturday we packed Spike up to take down to Coffee Craft. Even the gentleman who served us didnt hold out much hope for Spike and I asked for the techie guy (Mike) to have a look anyway.

    We had a coffee and I drooled over the Bezzeras in the shop until Mike came back and broke the news, Spike wasnt Dead!!! Just full of scale (typical bloody Adelaide H2O, even though he has only ever had filtered or rain water put through him). Mike promised hed do his best and told us to expect it to be done in about ten days. I was just relieved I wasnt up for a new pump :D

    We had barely got home when I got a text message that Spike was all finished and ready for collection. As I was busy steam cleaning carpets I sent him a message back that we would collect Spike Monday after work.

    So this afternoon, in 43C heat we drove down to Coffee Craft and picked up our baby. OG cradled him and gently put him in the car and home he came, got plugged in and I pulled a shot of CCs wonderful Barista Blend.

    Perfecta Moondo!!!

    Thankyou very much Coffee Craft. I was dreading the worst and in a bit of a panic of the thought of having to try and find the money for a new machine as we are a bit broke right now.

    So I will be up bright and early tomorrow to do a roast and letting Spike do what he does best. ;D

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    Re: Thankyou Coffeecraft - or the story of Spike.

    I love that I found out about these forums.. Sometimes I feel weird for how much I care about the equipment I own, and then I read posts like these and I know that im in a safe space here :P

    Good to hear that your machine is back up and running and I hope it keeps up with the shots from here on!

    Gary S

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    Re: Thankyou Coffeecraft - or the story of Spike.

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    They do quite a good roast at coffee craft. I picked up the barista blend on the weekend! Also picked up some KT blend I think which is very well suited to a short black. All fair trade as well. As an added bonus I got a $5 discount without even asking :)

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