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Thread: Central American Cup of Excellence

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    Central American Cup of Excellence

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    How about a challenging wish list.....somewhat unobtainable I suspect >:(

    I was reading the latest newsletter where they sampled and rated some of the Central American cup of excellence contestants. These coffees rated very highly.

    Worth a read:

    It would be great if we could get some of these..... ;)


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    Re: Central American Cup of Excellence


    I understand the very fact that a coffee wins one of these awards makes it, expensive and very difficult to procure (if not unobtainable). I have a lot of familiarity with the impact winning a major trophy has on wine availability and pricing so I am not surprised this happens with coffee. On a related subject, one of the coffees to be listed for e upcoming November poll comes from a property that has previously produced a Cup of Excellence Award winner. Not to say this is what we are getting but we do know it will be a good one. I will enquire about availability of COE winners and respond here.



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    Re: Central American Cup of Excellence

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    Thanks Graeme. I dont really hold any hope of getting any quantity of these beans. The article is a good read, and shows how competition (i.e. Cup of Excellence) can really improve the end product. would be nice to try some.


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