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Thread: douwe egberts espresso

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    douwe egberts espresso

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    Hello, Im new so please dont shoot me down if this too naive a question.
    My husband has been in the UK for some time and misses his Douwe Egberts espresso in the morning and I cant find anywhere in Brisbane to buy it. The DE website from Murrarie appears only to deal with commercial quantities or their leased equipment. I dont need a machine, I have a beautiful Italian one. Does anyone know where domestic quantities of DE are available in Brisbane?

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    Re: douwe egberts espresso

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    Even if you found DE in retail quantities it would probably be a different blend as they would have a large number of blends and not all would be available in all parts of the world. I would suggest you go and talk to someone like the guys at Di bella and taste some different coffees to find one that you like. Hope that helps


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