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Thread: Iced mocha recipes.

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    Iced mocha recipes.

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    * ** Its been a while since I posted here, so those whove responded to posts of mine before may not remember me.
    * ** Im a great enthusiast for iced drinks like iced coffee or iced chocolate, and weve had threads on those before, where people suggested recipes or methods for making them.
    * ** I had an iced mocha today at a café (one of those ones at plant nurseries that seem to have sprung up in more recent years), and I thought that was a nice variation - and one I very rarely encounter in any eating places at all.
    * ** I was just wondering if anyone who knows good ways of making this for oneself could please suggest recipes for doing so.* Given that this is a combination of chocolate and coffee, Im wondering how best to add the chocolate - in what form.* And what proportions of coffee and chocolate give the best results?* (Of course tastes may vary on this, depending on which of the two you want to predominate.* But if we assume the two should be about equal, then if one wanted one or the other to predominate, the proportions could be adjusted accordingly.)
    * ** Id like to try making it myself, so Id be grateful for any suggestions on this.
    * ** Thanks.


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    Re: Iced mocha recipes.

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    I would always make mine with a home-made chocolate syrup and good espresso.

    After that, as you say, the proportions are up to you, as would be the quantities of milk (skim, whole, 1%, 2%,...), ice, sugar, ice cream, ...

    I say experiment and have fun.


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