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Thread: Fair Trade Coffee Beans

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    Fair Trade Coffee Beans

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    Hi. I joined CS this morning. I see that Im supposed to say a little bit about myself. Well, Im nearly 70, love my coffee, although not at all snobbish about it. I must admit that when buying beans, I have mainly gone for taste and price. My wife and I are pensioners and have to watch our finances to some extent. However, we watched a program on TV the other night. I think it was called Blood, Sweat and Luxuries. A group of English young people worked in the Ethiopian coffee industry alongside the locals. They were treated as the locals and had to produce a certain amount of work to get paid enough to live for each day. It was a real eye opener to them and to my wife and me. The workers earned about $1 a day and the plantation owner didnt earn a great deal more. I decided it was time to do my little bit and make sure that we purchased only Fair Trade coffee beans from now on.

    Our son is a CS so I had a look at this site and was interested and thrilled to read about Fair Crack. However, are all CS coffee beans Fair Trade? If not, are the Fair Trade varieties marked as such so that, as well as making a donation to Fair Crack, I can also ensure that my purchase price is going to a Fair Trade plantation.

    Well, I think that will do me for now. Your comments and help will be appreciated. Keep up the good work Coffee Snobs.


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    Re: Fair Trade Coffee Beans

    Welcome to CS Bazza

    I wouldnt be too worried about whether or not beans are fair trade or not, I too watched the show the other night and what wasnt discussed and has been discussed here many times on different threads, is the amount of overhead costs incurred in the fair trade and how much really gets back to the farmers. I have no idea on the figures but it makes me wonder.

    I could be wrong but I dont believe fair trade gives any guarantee of end quality.

    I dont purposely buy fair trade, i would sooner buy CS beans as i know that 100% of the money raised goes to the projects. In fact i now dont purchase CS beans as i can source them from a local roaster but still donate fair crack funds, when i roast coffee for friends and family I advise that there is a fair crack fee per KG and i donate this to the fund.

    I prefer fair crack as its truely transparent in its opperation.


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    Re: Fair Trade Coffee Beans

    Hi Bazza,

    I used the quick search tab >>>>^^^^^ and these were just a few of the hits:

    Hope they help you.


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    Re: Fair Trade Coffee Beans

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    Thanks Mal and Chris. Yes, I am impressed by the concept of Fair Crack. Putting the money where it can do most good seems to be the way.


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