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Thread: The art of tapping

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    The art of tapping

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    Ive been getting great coffee within my routines, but I did something different a couple of weeks ago, and my caps have gone to another level. I know that tapping either mid or at the end of the grind is routine for every good snob, but what you tap on is clearly a science all of its own. You see Ive been tapping on the plastic base of the Rocky grinder; I should have known that any surface with as much "give" as hollowed-out plastic is not going to produce a real compacting effect. Lately I started to tap on the granite benchtop; just two light taps about 2/3 rds into the grind. Then at the end of the grind, I tap once more. I can feel the extra compression needed at the tamping stage because the grind is already well settled. This simple change has made an enormous difference to the quality of my shots. My dosing has obviously improved. Im getting a better crema and more flavour intensity in the final drink. I thought I would share the moral of the story: a good tap must be onto a solid surface to have the right effect; doesnt have to be a particularly big tap nor several in number. But what you are tapping onto must have no springiness whatever. May the crema be with you!

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    Re: The art of tapping

    I tap (about three times) on the tamping mat and still get some compression. I do this mainly to keep the mess in the one area so I dont get grief from the one who must be obeyed [smiley=embarassed.gif].

    If I dont tap then the tamp goes deeper so there is some compacting of the grinds. I think there needs to be some experimentation on this by one of the science snobs to get a definitive answer.

    I do (even with my limited understanding of physics) however agree that tapping on a solid object would give more effect.

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    Re: The art of tapping

    I tap once on my "tamp mat" (a piece of super high density rubber that I got from Clark Rubber for ~$1), which sits on my bench. Seems to work very well (much better than my old soft tamp mat I used to thwack on).

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    Re: The art of tapping

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    I find that getting the dose and grind right is key, no tapping for me at all, same with the tamping as long as it is nice and level the tamp pressure is secondary to that also for me.

    It is great that you have found something you can replicate and get good results out of though, some things dont have to necessarily be set in concrete. :)

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