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Thread: Getting into the coffee industry

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    Getting into the coffee industry

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    My name is Matthew and I have taken a very keen interest in the coffee industry in recent years. I would like get some advise on how I can get trained up as a professional commercial barista and step into this awesome industry.

    I only may have novice trainings and experience from various cafes and restaurants, hence this desire to get trained up and start serving espresso that are deserving and up to mark. However, after approaching a few coffee places, I seem to be getting no where. Therefore, I am hoping to get some word on how I can go about it.

    Thanks :)

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    Re: Getting into the coffee industry

    I have no magic answer if you get involved here and start roasting you may have some fun and improve your knowledge.

    while this may not make you a barista if you get an interview it will show interest and enthusiasm.

    if you cant make a good shot at home what is the chance of making many good shots in a commercial situation?

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    Re: Getting into the coffee industry

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    I think persistence and patience is the key... If you are able to practice at home to get your confidence and skills up, whilst keeping an eye on the job front you should get your break soon enough..

    If you are just starting out, I wouldnt be too fussy as to where you get work, in every industry you have to start somewhere, its all about experience, and any experience is good experience IMO.

    Good luck with your coffee journey... :)

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