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Thread: Disaster Coffee

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    Disaster Coffee

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Where I work, the coffee cart staff change almost as regularly as my boss mind and while I appreciate each person might have a slightly different way of making the coffee, the end result should be the same. Assumption 1.

    Considering they dont use use a thermometer for the milk, and *all will vary in the tamp pressure, placing a cup under the PF and hitting the pour button should produce a compareable product. Assumption 2.

    A new girl started this week and was guided through the steps by the departing chap who is familiar with my order. She was very polite and has asked a few time to check. For two days in a row, when she pushes the button to pour, she allows the first third of the pour to disappear into the drip tray catching the second two thirds.

    While we didnt come to blows as such, she was adamant it was better, trust me with a wink. Now its not often I get a wink from a mini sized Angalena Jolie -Pitt look alike, but I swear to Quentin T I was going to lean over and give her the five finger punch of death for screwing with my coffee.

    Because its a busy place I didnt want to hold up other people in the line. Can anyone suggest how to I could go about correcting her? Fellas, Ive already considered and discounted the obvious ones.


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    Re: Disaster Coffee

    Id ask her where she learnt to make coffee and see what the response is! :o

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    Re: Disaster Coffee

    I would phrase it a little more seriously:
    "Why should I trust you when you are letting the primary extraction go to waste?"


    "On what basis are you telling me to trust you "

    OR feel free to use my favourite

    "Do that again, and its a smack in the head for you - trust me".

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    Re: Disaster Coffee

    tell her you like the nasty first third of the shot and like to stop the shot when the delicious blonding kicks in <wink>.

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    Re: Disaster Coffee

    Quote Originally Posted by MatthewG link=1152311075/0#3 date=1152317231
    tell her you like the nasty first third of the shot and like to stop the shot when the delicious blonding kicks in <wink>.
    Good one MattG :D ;D :D giggled like a schoolgirl,

    Definitely a toppie [smiley=tekst-toppie.gif],


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    Re: Disaster Coffee


    you just need to tell her that as a regular, you would like her to do it the way it pleases you.

    Thats all, simple. You are the client, and a regular at that...all the regulars get it done "their way" no matter how incorrect it all is!


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    Re: Disaster Coffee

    "Angalena Jolie -Pitt look alike" might mean she is the real Lara Croft Attempting to give her a bunch of Fives might induce her to pull out her Desert Eagle and blow your brains out ;)

    How did you get on?

    What to do about a real bad coffee is always a difficult thing. To leave and never return doesnt really achieve much.

    So what do you do if the coffee is pigswill?


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    Re: Disaster Coffee

    If the coffee is pigswill I think about my technique, dump it down the sink and try again.

    Oh wait.. at a café.. :(


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    Re: Disaster Coffee

    I agree with FC.

    If you can get there in a quiet period, you could take a different approach. Ask her to do an experiment for you. Make two espressi from one double handle, letting the first 1/3 go on one of them. Dont look when shes making them and tell her which one tastes best to you.



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    Re: Disaster Coffee

    I agree with all the above, and hate to waste coffee, but there is a school of thought which would agree with the novice baristrix....

    That is, that the first drops of the extraction is brimful of elements which spoil the taste, which subseqently improves with the following brew.

    In fact, Im fairly sure we had this argument in prior posts.


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    Re: Disaster Coffee

    Why not make her aware of the GOLDEN RULE. That is, the person with the gold makes the rules !
    Now make it the way i like it, thanks.

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    Re: Disaster Coffee

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    The customer is always right.


    I too am waiting on Boris to update us on how it went.

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