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Thread: Barista Training in Brisbane?

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    Barista Training in Brisbane?

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    I have read about the past posts about where to get good barista training. However i havent found a good place that provides good barista cource in Brisbane
    I did find coffee school and Barista basics in valley.
    Anyone gone one of those courses?
    I did pick up lots of knowledge from here and other forums about how to make good shots.I own a gaggia classic and gaggia mdf grinder. Now im getting use to pull 25-30 sec shot three times a day. Frothing milk is not a problem too without any big bubbles.
    Could anyone can tell me whether i should go for basic barista cource or advanced one?

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    Re: Barista Training in Brisbane?

    The only top cafe i know of that does training is Cup Coffee, and they have only just started, or are going to start offering it soon. So i dont know exactly whats involved.

    I have done training previously through another mob and it was pretty useless, they were not aware of current barista methods at all. It was cheap though.

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    Re: Barista Training in Brisbane?

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    Im after for a getting a job in a cafe now, and i thought it would appear better if i have a barista cert on the resume...
    but am i greedy to get a good training &cert or tafe cert at the same time ? :S

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