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Thread: Super long shots

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    Super long shots

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    Brew time that is.

    I just brewed a triple ristretto at 55 seconds and it tastes really good. Not one of my best but a LOT better than the over extracted mess i was expecting. Its actually the best shot ive made from this particular blend (local roasters own blend). Has anyone else had success from over extracting certain coffees?

    My theory behind this is that the blend or the roast has a few imperfections that are covered up by over extracting. Because its "crazy" to have a good tasting shot outside of the accepted time frame, right? ;D

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    Re: Super long shots

    Serious nomenclature question: Triple ristretto? I thought that even using a bigger basket you should still call it a double???

    Either way, Im not a fan of following those 30ml in 30sec rules. They are a guideline for beginners, once you are competant - make your own rules as long as it tastes good.*

    Let us know what equipment you are brewing with,* then there might be a interesting discussion to follow.......

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    Re: Super long shots

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    Silvia and an EM0480 grinder (which produces alot of fines mind you). Id call it a triple ristretto just because its a triple basket, dosing about 24~ grams though i havent put it on a scale. It tastes like a ristretto but theres around 60 mls.

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