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Thread: My First Pressure Gauge Setup

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    My First Pressure Gauge Setup

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    I made a basic pressure gauge for my Gaggia Classic recently using a $20 air pressure gauge connected to my portafilter via an aluminium coupler and some teflon tape.

    I then added a a double basket to the portafilter and opened the brew switch. The portafilter leaked a bit but I managed to get a reading of around 11bar. I then adjusted the OPV a couple of times until I got a reading of roughly 9 - 9.5bar which I believe is the reading to aim for.

    Although I managed to get this result, Im sceptical that its not accurate, as the needle on the gauge did oscillate a bit, and the gauge did also fill up with water which may or may not have affected the pressure reading.

    Ive read numerous articles/posts on using pressure gauges with a blind filter; blind filters with a hole drilled into them; not using a basket at all to give a better seal between the portafilter and group head, adding valves etc., amongst others.

    Id appreciate it if anyone can offer any advice with regards to the best setup to use and how I can improve the set up Im currently using to give an accurate reading.


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    Re: My First Pressure Gauge Setup

    I did the same thing and got the exact same results as you, 12bar adjusted down to 9 or 10 bar.
    mine also leaked past the portafiller with brand new group seal, gauge is filling with the water leaking past the portafiller.

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    Re: My First Pressure Gauge Setup

    I heard that having water in the gauge can reduce the oscillation of the needle. Given that they are used as a plumbing tool I am going to assume that the water in the gauge does not really affect its operation.

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    Re: My First Pressure Gauge Setup

    would I sound like i spent too much time in a laboratory but isnt the static pressure irrelevant?

    arent you interested in the pressure while extracting coffee?

    considering the incompressible nature of water a leak cold change the pressure quite a bit depending on the capacity of the pump.

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    Re: My First Pressure Gauge Setup

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    You can fit a T piece and a needle valve to let some water flow through at similar to normal brewing rate to give a more accurate reading.
    However your results sound similar to what used to be typical of Silvias....

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