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Thread: Advice needed re coffee container

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    Advice needed re coffee container

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Im buying a fathers day present for my Dad (hes the coffee lover!), therefore I dont really know what Im doing. Just wanted to ask whether the Friis coffee container is good or suitable for coffee beans bought at the supermarket.
    A link to the container is here - Non-Sponsor commercial link removed
    Any advice greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Advice needed re coffee container

    If you really loved your dad you would buy him the sampler pack from beanbay so he wouldnt have to drink supermarket coffee.

    If he doesnt have a grinder then perhaps Espresso WOW pre ground would be a good choice

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    Re: Advice needed re coffee container

    Hi of course I love my Dad! I might just get that pack - thanks for the suggestion. Yes he has his own grinder and a commercial grade coffee machine (no idea what brand or type though).
    What did you think about the container though? Is this needed for coffee storage or not?

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    Re: Advice needed re coffee container

    The Friis coffee container looks nice.
    Another idea (that Ive been thinking of getting) is VacuVin Vacuum Coffee Savers ( . Im not sure how they compare but Im sure your Dad would like either.
    The sampler packs is a really nice idea.

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    Re: Advice needed re coffee container

    Seriously, you need to stop thinking how he could keep stale coffee fresh (impossible obviously) and introduce him to fresh coffee.

    With that equipment, using supermarket coffee should be illegal.

    And the best part is you dont actually have to spend more for fresh coffee.

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    Re: Advice needed re coffee container

    The Friis looks like it would be a nice looking container and it has a one-way valve.
    However, supermarket coffee is not fresh so the valve would not be doing what its meant to.
    Get him some fresh coffee though and it may be worth buying.

    Personally I dont like the idea of the VacuVin as I think it will speed up the staling process.

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    Re: Advice needed re coffee container

    Hi Tasha,

    What we are trying to tell you is that supermarket coffee is **pre-staled** so that the packages dont burst on the shelves.

    It is the early part of the staling process that gives off the CO2 and makes a one-way valve a useful part of a storage system. It is useless on pre-staled coffee. This early staling, or at least the first 3 weeks after roasting, is usually called maturing. For most of us coffee is stale by 4 weeks post-roast.

    A good storage system also allows for the removal of excess air, and this is easiest with soft bags. The oxygen in the air increases the rate of oxidation and staling.

    I hope this helps. If your dad has a nice machine and a good grinder (and reasonable technique), then fresh coffee will make a tremendous difference in the cup.

    All the best with the present.


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    Re: Advice needed re coffee container

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    Thanks everyone for your help! I didnt buy the container - looks like a waste of time.
    I ended up buying a sample pack. Just received in the mail and it smells divine. Even the postie commented on it!!
    Thanks again

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