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Thread: stainless steel trolley

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    stainless steel trolley

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    My church is looking for trolley that will hold a 2-group ECM and a K10 :)
    It needs to be mobile and about 1500 x 600. Can anyone point me in a helpful direction? It doesnt need to be new. Were on the northern beaches of Sydney.



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    Re: stainless steel trolley

    I have no direct ideas, but if its for a church, you could ask any church run private hospitals if theyd have anything they could donate back to you??? They seem to have a lot of trolleys etc in hospitals, and public hospitals always have auctions with that kind of putting two and two together, it might work :)

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    Re: stainless steel trolley

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    bunnings had a stainless steel bench about that size going to under 200 the other day.

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