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Thread: Chiasso Coffee

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    Chiasso Coffee

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    Has anyone tried Chiasso Coffee,whats it like?

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    Re: Chiasso Coffee

    I used it for a while s few years ago because the roastery is reasonably local. The blend I tried was quite good, but not consistent, and then I started roasting anyway. However they appear to have different blends now, so maybe new owners or just a change. The roastery was for sale a few years ago, and I looked into it, but think it was taken off the market. Bought some Green from the once, but quite expensive.


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    Re: Chiasso Coffee

    I drink it every now and then,but only because I have to.The robusta content must be around 20-30%.Either that or they use second grade arabica.Best as a flat white with a shot of toffee nut syrup.

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    Re: Chiasso Coffee

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    Quote Originally Posted by 68616F686C63620D0 link=1314598941/2#2 date=1314749765
    I drink it every now and then,but only because I have to
    You have to?

    Ive got a bridge you "have to" buy. Ill send you an invoice ;)

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