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Thread: Grinder atrocity

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    Grinder atrocity

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    At the local Barnacle Bills this evening, I had the opportunity to photograph a sad example of grinder abuse with my cameraphone. Sorry about the image quality, I was trying not to draw too much attention to myself! ;D

    You can just make out the coating of thick, oily residue on the inside of the bean hopper, which has glued several beans in place. Theyve been stuck there for as long as I can remember. I can only imagine the rancid stench in there. Needless to say, I didnt order a coffee!

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    Re: Grinder atrocity


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    Re: Grinder atrocity

    this brings me to a question..

    I had to take my Nemox Dell Opera back to Lygon Imports for a service the other day -- basically the steam wand had come loose and was leaking where it attaches into the machine.

    I called up the service number as it was clearly under warranty and the machine didnt look too friendly to open.. while I asked if there was an easy way to get in there and tighten the wand, the lady on the end of the phone just said to bring it in and it would be better off that way.

    Meanwhile I asked if there was a trick to cleaning the grinder -- its built into the machine. The lady said that you dont need to clean it and the instructions in the book just say to occaisionally wipe out the hopper with a damp cloth.

    Is it necessary for me to get in there and clean the burrs? Wont they be getting a build up of coffee oils eventually?

    I dont want some friend or fellow coffeesnob opening my grinder to be greeted by the fresh smell of rancid coffee !! (and maybe posting pictures of my atrocity online ;-) )



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    Re: Grinder atrocity

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lachlan link=1154779213/0#2 date=1154928461
    Is it necessary for me to get in there and clean the burrs? Wont they be getting a build up of coffee oils eventually?
    Hi Lachlan,

    Gregg Pullman has a similar machine to yours so it might be worth dropping him a line to see what regime he uses. I think hes had his Napoletana for several years.....


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