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Thread: Presso Blend coffee beans

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    Presso Blend coffee beans

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    Hey guys,

    First post here, I just bought a Presso and it came with some Presso beans (off the website). I am just wondering if anyone has any experience with these beans and what they should taste like.

    The first few Presso shots I made were poor, (rough grind, poor tamping) and resulted in something between a "gusher" and a proper shot, however when I mixed it with milk it tasted like something Id happily buy from a cafe.

    However, after I fixed my technique a little and getting some crema with my shots, I have found that the shots arent strong enough to be taken with milk. Mixing the shot with half a cup of skim milk, I find it just overpowers the coffee flavour completely and there isnt enough bitterness.

    Sorry in advance if this is a novice question. Im new to all this and my palette is used to second grade cafe coffee.

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    Re: Presso Blend coffee beans

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    Hmm, it could just be the blend of the beans is suited to espresso rather then milk based drinks

    only other thing I can consider is, How freshly are the beans ground? Even waiting five minutes can adjust the taste for some roasts

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