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Thread: Air tight coffee cup for transport?

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    Air tight coffee cup for transport?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I ride to work each day & am looking for a cup I can throw in my bag without leaking coffee all over my things. Keep Cups dont cut itů Any ideas?

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    Re: Air tight coffee cup for transport?

    Hi Jayphen,

    Bodum makes (or used to make) a sipper with o-ring lid and a snap lock, perfectly sealed sipper opening.

    Last time I saw them was at T2.

    Hope that helps ;)


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    Re: Air tight coffee cup for transport?

    Lock n Lock make a reuseable eco cup (ceramic and plastic from memory). Only saw it once but pretty sure it used their silicone seal system. If it seals as well as their other products its worth considering. Google "locknlock" and make sure you get a genuine listing and not type of clone.

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    Re: Air tight coffee cup for transport?

    We got some Contigo travel mugs from Costco a while back and they really are watertight. Can hold it upside down whilst full and no leaking.

    Ive seen them for sale in other places, but the 2 pack from Costco was very good value if you have one available to you.

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    Re: Air tight coffee cup for transport?

    "Cheeki" make a great travel mug, with a spring loaded push down opening in the top. Mug section is stainless and screw on top is plastic. Mine hasnt leaked on me yet, and is quite thermally efficient. Got mine from a local health food store, not sure who else sells them. Not cheap, but is best I have ever had, and Ive tried a few travel mugs.

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    Re: Air tight coffee cup for transport?

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    If you like to view my experience on this thraed -

    You will see that I wrote about the Cuisipro travel cups


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