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Thread: Dessert idea with coffee

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    Dessert idea with coffee

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    Just thought Id share this one:

    A few pieces of dark chocolate heated in bain-marie, a banana, split lengthwise, vanilla ice cream onto the split banana.
    Take the pot of melted chocolate out of the bain-marie and pull a double-espresso (I used a Yirg/Brazil 50/50 blend, but I suspect it really doesnt matter* ;) ) into it. Mix it all up into a smooth coffee-chocolate sauce and then pour the warm sauce over the ice cream and banana.

    The warm coffee-chocolate sauce will also work with ice-cream by itself.

    Ate it too quickly so couldnt take a photo* :P


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    Re: Dessert idea with coffee

    Lately I have been having flavoured Macarons which seem to really hit the spot at morning tea time! :) There are some cafes in Fairy Meadow and North Wollongong that do really good desserts.

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    Re: Dessert idea with coffee

    You could make a larger batch of coffee chocolate sauce by melting the the chocolate in a double boiler (or even a microwave on low), adding coffee (you could do this with any source of strong coffee) to taste and a small amount of cream (probably up to equal quantity cream : chocolate?)
    This should set firm to viscous (depending on the cream quantity) in the fridge and keep for around a week.

    You could even just eat the sauce by itself :)

    Im not sold on the coffee/banana combination myself, but with a good vanilla or coffee ice cream, yum :)

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    Re: Dessert idea with coffee

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    We started jazzing up the standard "Chocolate Ripple Cake" recipe by adding a double shot of espresso to the cream. Best thing ever.

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