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Thread: AASCA NSW Coffee Championships

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    AASCA NSW Coffee Championships

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    The champs are this weekend, whos competing? Anyone just going to spectate?

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    Re: AASCA NSW Coffee Championships

    Dont know if this has been posted elsewhere but one of our own Zaneus, won the latte art comp at the barista champs on the weekend. I have always been impressed with his professionalism and it is good to see it recognized in competition form. On to melbourne now.


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    Re: AASCA NSW Coffee Championships

    Congratulations Zaneus!

    Oh, Im feeling like an old snob seems like yesterday (okay, it was last year) that Zaneus first started posting and started his coffee journey with a Bellman... :)

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    Re: AASCA NSW Coffee Championships

    haha, thanks brett ::) and a serious thanks, sniffcoffee :P. Was a great weekend overall. dibartoli had a stall which made me buy some pourover and hand grinder gear. phil mcknight was there from brevile flaunting the dual boiler (and judging) and otto was there as well. I have to say the best espresso all weekend was from that otto. absolutely amazing!

    Im suprised that there wasnt more spectators. Its free entry for the public and being able to talk to WBC judges and the like is incredible

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    Re: AASCA NSW Coffee Championships

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    Awesome effort, well done!

    I look forward to seeing you give it a good nudge at the Nationals in May.

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