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Thread: showerscreen wega???

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    showerscreen wega???

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    does anyone knows how to clean e remove the showerscreen from a wega 3 group????

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    Re: showerscreen wega???

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    Well - I clean a 2 group an awful lot :(

    It is an e61 group head - so you can find lots of information about it... But what I do is use a teaspoon and lever the showerscreen out. There is a tiny ridge near the bottom of the screen. The spoon gains purchase on that, and you lever against the grouphead. It moves only a tiny bit (especially if the seal is hard) - so you need to reposition the spoon opposite the original point and repeat.

    The seal and the showerscreen come out together. It is a pretty simple job. For me - once the thing gets hard to remove I replace the seals. The whole removal thing takes under a minute for me now (thats 2 x groups!).

    Hope this helps.


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