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Thread: Tamper Knowledge

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    Tamper Knowledge

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    I have a LaPavoni 2 group lever machine with exposed group head and am finding it hard to get a good quality tamper to fit the porter filter. I am also not sure if flat or rounded tamper is best. I am also finding this machine much more powerful than my previous Brugnetti and my milk texturing is not as good as it used to be. Does anyone have any suggestions re changing the steam tip from a 5 hole which is restricted or do I just need more practice.

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    Re: Tamper Knowledge

    Quote Originally Posted by 545241434559200 link=1328860709/0#0 date=1328860709
    finding it hard to get a good quality tamper to fit the porter filter
    Send your basket to Greg Pullman and he will custom make the best tamper you will ever own.

    See the sponsor list to the left of the page and click on Pullman Espresso.

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    Re: Tamper Knowledge

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    Have a read here for great way to steam milk:

    You can use water with one drop of detergent to practice, this behaves very similar to milk.

    Pullman tampers are very nice, I am really happy with mine.


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