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Thread: bean bags distribution

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    bean bags distribution

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    I guess by now someone has a pretty extensive collection of the 60kg bags our green beans come in. Whilst its obvious there wouldnt be enough to go to all members *Id like to suggest a couple of options.

    1. On another site they were recycled and offered for sale by cutting down into smaller drawstring bags of 5kgs capactiy, cost was around $4 or $5. *I guess if you were lucky you got lots of nice signage on your cut or otherwise just plain sack cloth which you could be quietly content had come from the wilds of ethipia or another equally exotic location.

    Im sure you guys have the skills to do this but the heavy material may present *a problem. I have no idea time wise what woud be involved and how much youd need to charge to make it worthwhile but I daresay thered be quite a few members who would be very happy to get there hands on such an item.

    2. When a member has ordered the equivalent of *a full bag ie 60kgs send them the bag as well, obviously plus the extra freight cost

    3. Distribute to members based on either date of joining, uesful contributions or some other criteria

    4. Use as prizes in competitions eg blend of the month. mod of the week, best bargain spotted etc

    just some ideas guys, what do you think?

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    Re: bean bags distribution

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    Good ideas however the sacks have been just used for sack races ;) So all have grass stains.

    Fun was had by all.

    Ill keep the sacks from the new year. There were some that had a nice design the PNG Sigri was one that we gave to a member that gave us a hand in the middle of the year.


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