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Thread: A chance to vent

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    A chance to vent

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all, Im new here and I only really signed up so I could talk about this without getting in to trouble. For context, I work as a barista and have done for about 5 years. I own a cheap Sunbeam but it doesnt see much use as I dont have a grinder and theres a perfectly good cafe round the corner.

    So my brother bought me a Nespresso machine for my birthday. This is awkward as he obviously meant well, and it was quite a suprise as he never has any money. He was very relieved when I enthused to him about my new appliance, and told me he was worried it wouldnt be up to my standards. Hes right, of course, but I love him far too much to tell him what I really think.

    I only wish hed discussed buying me something coffee related first. His ~ $400 would have been much better spent on a good grinder :(

    Ill admit its not as terrible as I imagined. Ive certainly had worse coffee, even made worse at some jobs *cough CoffeeX cough*, but nevertheless Im at a loss about how to handle this in the long term.

    Thanks for listening :)

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    Re: A chance to vent

    Welcome Frayd,

    Well, John Cleese (from whom I take most of my moral cues) would organise a fake burglary which mysteriously claims only your Nespresso machine and that burnt orange vase that your great aunt bought you as victims. But in the real world I guess the following facts are relevant a) how often does your brother pop in? b) would he notice if you built a cardboard facade of a Nespresso machine?
    Have fun whatever.

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    Re: A chance to vent


    I see your predicament, however would he rather find out you dont like the Nespresso machine he brought you or you telling him it isnt what you wanted?
    Im a twin and one Christmas i gave him a basketball poster for his room. It was not what I wanted he told me as he proceeded to tear it up in front of my face. I must admit we were 13, i also must admit after being pissed of im glad he told me.....

    Good luck, keeping a secret only gets harder to keep over time :)

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    Re: A chance to vent

    I love the idea of a staged burglary!

    Also I tend to lie by telling truths. I told him it was a clever design and the capsules are very pretty, and it would be much simpler than going to my local cafe, not to mention cooler. I am not a fan of the Perth heat.

    I also said I dont use my espresso machine at all as I cant afford a conical burr grinder, but made it clear that Nespresso could never stand up to a properly extracted espresso using freshly roasted and ground beans. Perhaps hell take the hint?

    Above all, my thanks was genuine. It really is a lovely thing to do, if a little misguided.

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    Re: A chance to vent

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    Barry O cracked me up. What a great take on the situation!
    I think we have all been in this situation at one time or another. I guess the challenge is to try to find some positives in it. Youve got it - its not going away - it is a very quick mess-free way to a coffee. It is a good way to make a different cup of coffee for friends who arent very discriminating. With milk & sugar it mightnt taste too bad. The biggest positive, though, is the thoughtfulness of your brother getting you something he thought would be appropriate.

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