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Thread: Perfect Crema With One Roaster But Not With The Other

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    Perfect Crema With One Roaster But Not With The Other

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    I have used Redbird Espresso and have gotten great crema...tiger stripped with the molted look.

    But my favorite beans are from Paradise roasters and with their coffees I can not get the same crema. If Im lucky I can get the Cinnamon sprinkled look. Is it my technique or are these beans from Paradise roaster not capable of the tiger stripped crema with the molted look?

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    Re: Perfect Crema With One Roaster But Not With The Other

    Hi dman777,

    Majority of coffeesnobs are Australian and comparing shots from from American roasters and asking for opinion on these specific roasters is probably not going to get too many responses. The only thing I could possibly contribute is to ask if you adjust your grind settings from one roasters beans to another? It may require some slight adjustments. You mentioned your favourite beans are Paradise Roasters despite not getting the same crema. Its the taste that counts in the end.

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    Re: Perfect Crema With One Roaster But Not With The Other

    Yes, I usually adjust my grinder to adjust taste the most....rather than temp.

    I like long pulls with the initial stream black stage lasting longer than normal, so there is more flavor. A 14 gram shot will usually last about 35 seconds and produce 1 1/2 ounce shot. I try to stay in this range because it gives me the flavor I like most.

    Not sure why this way will pull perfect crema with one bean/roaster but not another.

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    Re: Perfect Crema With One Roaster But Not With The Other

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    A 14-18 g double should give you about 2 ounces. However, at about 9 bar this should happen in about 25s not 35, so with my limited experience I would suggest youre extracting at lower pressure.

    It may well be that blend A produces more crema at this pressure than B, or perhaps youre grinding a bit course to compensate for the lower pressure and this is working better for A over B.

    In either case you may (or may not) find better results* for both blends by slowing it down a bit. Perhaps it doesnt taste good like this for other factors you havent experimented with yet?

    But in the end as we say "its the taste that counts", but good crema is impressive!


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