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Thread: Very early coffee in Hobart

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    Very early coffee in Hobart

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    Hi everyone, apologies if this has already been posted but I couldnt find it when I did a search. Can someone help me, Im moving to Hobart from Sydney in two weeks and would love to know if there’s a cafe that opens before 6am or around that time. I like to have a quality piccolo latte before gym training (will be at Unigym) and I know it’s terribly early but it works for me! Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Very early coffee in Hobart

    Do what I do before a 4am fishing trip - make my own at home!

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    Re: Very early coffee in Hobart

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    i lived in hobart for 22 years or so and to be honest, i havent lived there for about 4 years, but ive been back many times as my family lives there but i never really knew of any early places.

    Most things in Hobart shut around 10/11pm and dont reopen till most likely 6am.

    If its going to be anywhere, its going to be either touristy spot or somewhere businessy. So id either say, N.Hobart, the city, Salamanca are your best shots

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