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Thread: VST Basket Sizing

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    VST Basket Sizing

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    Hi CSers,

    First time poster here, I apologise if this subject has been covered before, and that this is a newbie post but I would appreciate your input.

    Like many others, I have the Sunbeam EM6910. I have been researching a bit about VST filter baskets, and there seems to be a pretty good argument for including these in my setup.

    One thing Im not familiar with is whether or not there is an industry standard for portafilter diameters, and whether I would be wasting my money buying VST filter baskets only to have them not fit.

    I know my current baskets take a 58mm tamper, but I havent seen any diameter measurements alongside VST baskets (like at to double check against my portafilters.

    Any helpful advice would be very welcome.

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    Re: VST Basket Sizing

    Hi Guys,

    Dont worry about this one. I trawled the forums and this post:

    Gave me the answer that 58mm filter baskets are a commercial standard.



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    Re: VST Basket Sizing

    Please let us know how you get on, assuming you go ahead and get a VST.

    Ive been considering obtaining one of these too along with a fitted tamper which can then follow on to another machine down the track.

    Ive searched and found lots of threads that indeed they fit the EM6910, but cant seem to find reports of anyone actually using that combination. Im interested to hear how they compare against the Sunbeam baskets in this machine.

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    Re: VST Basket Sizing

    Its definitely in the cards, probably in a week or so. Ill report back here with the results.

    Ive spent so much cash this month on coffee stuff!

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    Re: VST Basket Sizing

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    Yeah I know that feeling all too well!

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