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Thread: How should I order a mocha?

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    How should I order a mocha?

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    hey guys, been a long time lurker on this forum since I became a bit of a coffee snob over a year ago thought I will join, Im in Melbourne a lot of the coffees I have been having around my area where I live have been getting favorite coffee is Mocha but a lot of the times its just too much chocolate that is undrinkable....I just like more coffee taste with a bit of chocolate wanting it to taste smooth

    is there a way I should tell the barista to make the mocha the way I want?

    thanks* *

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    Re: How should I order a mocha?

    Have you tried asking for less chocolate ?

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    Re: How should I order a mocha?

    Well, not sure if its related to the too-chocolatey taste... but although Ive been taught to do a mocha with a single espresso topped up with steamed chocolate milk (powder mixed into milk before steaming), Im aware that some do a mocha differently (i.e., chocolate powder or syrup mixed in with the espresso instead).

    Im not quite sure how much different that would taste, as I never drink a mocha...

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    Re: How should I order a mocha?

    May I say that it is a good sign when you decide that there is too much chocolate in your Mocha.
    Less chocolate invariably means more emphasis on the flavour of the coffee.
    I was very happy recently when my son asked me to delete the chocolate powder on his Cappacino and reduce the amount of sugar as he enjoyed the coffee flavour more.
    I am not against any type of coffee drink nor use of sugar (have some in my Piccolo Latte) but it is good to be able to appreciate the character of the coffee in whatever you are drinking.

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    Re: How should I order a mocha?

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    Try a cappucinno from a real cafe ;p. Anyways yeah what coffeeguy said, try asking for less chocolate. Try to find out how they do it as empty suggests and then alter your request from there :).

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