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Thread: Barista workshops?

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    Barista workshops?

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    Hi, Im looking to do a barista workshop in Sydney. Searchin the forums didnt reveal much. Google came up with Barista Basics, Danes and also Di Bartoli (which is linked form here too).

    Its unlikely Ill be doing this for a living. But Id like to do a workshop from somewhere reputable non-the-less. Any ideas?

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    Re: Barista workshops?

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    Di Bartoli is who we will probably suggest the most to you as they are one of our sponsors and I am sure you couldnt go too wrong with them.

    All others wont be spoken off here too much as we try not to plug non-sponsors too much over sponsors.

    Suffice to say, you probably should do better than "Barista Basics" from all accounts.

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