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Thread: Where to get Greek style frappe in Sydney?

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    Where to get Greek style frappe in Sydney?

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    After the World Cup I went to Greece for a month and got hooked on their frappes. Now back in Sydney I cannot find anything to satisfy my addiction. I have had some shocking ones with loads of crushed ice and scoops of ice cream. Most people dont have a clue as to what makes up a Greek frappe. I had an ok one at Cafe Neptune at Brighton le Sands but it still wasnt up to the standard I was getting in Corfu and Athens etc. Surely in a city with as many Greeks as Sydney there is one place I can get an authentic one. I am tinkering around at home making them and have got the frothy bit at the top right but not the bottom half. Please somebody help me.


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    Re: Where to get Greek style frappe in Sydney?

    After the confusion at Short Black that Thunder God recently experienced, I think Pele, that you may have trouble! ;) :o

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    Re: Where to get Greek style frappe in Sydney?

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    Id never seen a Frappe on a menu in Australia before my visit to Short Black.

    As far as I remember from my trip to Greece they were just coffee, water and ice with sugar to taste.
    I got hooked on them too.

    My memory is getting worse with old age Pele, so how exactly are you making them?

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