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Thread: CoffeeGeek Podcast

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    CoffeeGeek Podcast

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    I thought Id give you guys & girls the heads up on the Podcast from CoffeeGeeks. The url is

    You will need to download and install ITunes to listen to the content.

    I also think that it might be worthwhile doing a CoffeeSnobs podcast, Im sure that we could find enough people to contribute each week (or month).

    it might also be a good way to spread the word to more people.

    Comments / viewpoints anyone


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    Re: CoffeeGeek Podcast

    Ive listened to the CG podcasts and for the most part they are informative and entertaining. also have coffee related podcasts.

    Id love to hear some posdcasts from CoffeeSnobs. Maybe the upcoming Aroma fest could be a source of interviews and comments.
    Perhaps some interviews/recordings from CS get togethers or training days.
    Maybe some short instructional recordings would be useful...


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    Re: CoffeeGeek Podcast

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    I think iTunes is fantastic but I should point out you dont need it to play these or other podcasts.

    Head over to the coffeegeek website and you can download them directly.


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