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Thread: Silly cafe names....

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    Silly cafe names....

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    While out and about on a 650km squirt today (twas Geelong Cup holiday today!) I came across a cafe in Warburton called "Three Sugars Cafe".

    I have always said "I have sugar and milk in bad coffee" so I didnt even want to walk into a place called Three Sugars and to top it off the place next door was named "Wild Thyme Cafe".

    What other silly names have you noticed?

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    Re: Silly cafe names....

    The canteen at the RAAF base Im working at is called Frontline. *:-? The coffee they make there makes International Roast an attractive alternative! *:(

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    Re: Silly cafe names....

    There was this little place I saw the other day Star something, Starnuts... Starbutts... Starbucks that was it! *:)

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    Re: Silly cafe names....

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    Its not a really a cafe, well they sold Coffee, but it was a sandwich shop called


    The "s" was quite a bit smaller than the rest of the lettering.

    I had to go in and buy something.

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