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Thread: Utz Kapeh -- What is it?

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    Utz Kapeh -- What is it?

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    Hi all,
    I have had a few "what is Utz Kapeh" queries after listing this months Brazilian Monte Alegre coffee which comes with the "Utz Kapeh" Certification.

    This is one of the better certification schemes around the world and while it is still fairly rare in Australia it is huge in Europe and worth further reading.

    This is the specific Utz Kapeh information about the grower Monte Alegre

    And Fairtrade have produced a good comparison between Utz Kapeh and Faritrade: 1152f

    Hope this clears it up a little,


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    Re: Utz Kapeh -- What is it?

    Its one of a small number of ***fair trade movement*** organisations, but not called "fair trade" because of fair trade movement organisational leftie politik.

    My roasting company supports ***fair trade movement*** coffees of whatever denomination and puts them in all our blends...irrespective of fair trade leftie politikal correctness and use of certain "brand specific" brand names.

    If you leave it to consumers to ASK for fair trade movement coffee the movement would be dead and will only get a big turnover of "socially responsible" coffee if roasters use it in mainstream blending (subject to quality considerations) whether they advertise the fact or not....

    Politikal soap box over.....


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    Re: Utz Kapeh -- What is it?

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    Good on ya Andy,
    Yes I was wondering about the "Utz Kapeh".
    I for one dont mind supporting these type of iniatives.


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