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Thread: where can i buy good coffee beans in melbourne

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    where can i buy good coffee beans in melbourne

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    hi everyone, i just wanted to ask if anyone can recomend a good place for me to buy coffee for my macine in melbourne. i have a silvia but i dont have a grinder. *i have been buying from Crivelli in moreland but i find that i cant get a thick nice looking extraction. *:( can anyone recomend a type of coffee and where i can get it bearing in mind that i dont have a grinder so would prefer if they can also grind it for me.

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    Re: where can i buy good coffee beans in melbourne

    Youre fighting a losing battle.
    Getting the coffee ground for you is never going to enable you to get the rich extraction you are looking for.
    3 minutes after it is ground, it is really past its best.
    The likelihood of the grind being correct for a good extraction is not great, and the grind required changes according to age and weather conditions.

    I know it sounds blase, but try to save up for a decent grinder, otherwise you are not going to get the best from your Silvia.


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    Re: where can i buy good coffee beans in melbourne

    Hi moey007,

    The problem with ground coffee is that it has a life of three minutes post grinding..... and then goes down hill....FAST..... and there is no way to prevent this. Whole beans on the other hand have a life of 3 weeks (some varieties even more).

    So any coffee... even the best, most expensive beans.... once ground for you will be stale by the time you get them home..... let alone the time you use the last of them.

    The quality of the extraction and flavour will be poor - with even the best beans...

    Unfortunately you really NEED your own grinder if you want quality coffee.

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    Re: where can i buy good coffee beans in melbourne

    the other issue you will have is that preground will be ground too course for a silvia. They are probably aiming for slightly coarser then ideal to ensure that they are not choking peoples machines. also they are probably grinding for machines with pressurised baskets. you could tell them that what machine you have and you might be able to do you a more suitable grind.

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    Re: where can i buy good coffee beans in melbourne

    Hi Moey007,

    You are more than welcome to come and visit us in Abbotsford for coffee. Click here for details. You can also get roasted coffee mailed to you from CS (just click on the "brown bay" link on the left), from us through our webpage and from many of the other site sponsors.

    We recently upgraded our bulk coffee grinder to a nice three phase ditting, so well be able to grind your coffee for you. However, I agree 100% with what everyone else has said. You really do need a grinder to get decent results for any brewing method, particularly espresso. I dont think that any blend from any roaster is really going to produce a great espresso from preground coffee.



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    Re: where can i buy good coffee beans in melbourne

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    Click where Luca?

    P.S. your avatar link is broken.

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