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Thread: Cubita Cuban Coffee Beans

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    Cubita Cuban Coffee Beans

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    Hi All !

    One of my favourite beans have always been Cubita Cuban beans... But lately Ive had no luck getting my hands on some..

    I recently discovered them here:

    Im pleased I can now get them from an Australian distributor... Thought Id share this with you all ! If you havent tried them I can definitely recommend them... Enjoy !

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    Re: Cubita Cuban Coffee Beans

    And how long ago would these beans have been roasted ???

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    Re: Cubita Cuban Coffee Beans

    Some Cuban coffee green is starting to trickle back into Oz again so it might be possible in time for CS to grab some, if its up to scratch.... keep the fingers crossed,


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    Re: Cubita Cuban Coffee Beans

    Thank you for sharing that, Haegens... i had never heard of that particular bean/variety (then, what do i know??? :P), but will now keep my eye out for it....

    however, as Hazbean remarked: how long between Cuban roast and Australian delivery??

    can you tell us a bit more about this coffee? when does it reach its peak post-roast? 1 week? 2 weeks? indeed, a consideration when ordering from an online & overseas shop....

    as Mal said, we may be able to get this bean here as green, eventually..: another special "speciality" to look forward to!!


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    Re: Cubita Cuban Coffee Beans

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    Cuban Turquino can be purchased at McIvors Coffee and Tea in the Vic Market.(If you want to try it and cant find it anywhere else)

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