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Thread: Coffee Trail Tropical North Qld

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    Coffee Trail Tropical North Qld

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    For those who may be travelling north, this article on News web site.,23483,22470442-27982,00.html

    Any CSs that have already been that way and called in at some of these farms/businesses/plantations may like to comment.

    Cheers Gazz 8-)

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    Re: Coffee Trail Tropical North Qld

    I checked out the article, I visited the area a few years ago and went to Mareeba and Coffeeworks, I wasnt into coffee as much as now so next year we are planning to fly to Brisbane and drive up to Cairns, so Ive archived the article and I will check out all the places mentioned and try the odd coffee or two!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for the link..........

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    Re: Coffee Trail Tropical North Qld

    Ahh....yes,coffee plantations by the dozen,4 wheel driving the CREB track just after the wet season and nude frolicking on a lonely beach around Cape Tribulation with my lovely wife and of course my ever faithfull coffee plunger.You just gotta love this country we live in.

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    Re: Coffee Trail Tropical North Qld

    I was up this way last year and went to Jaques Coffee Plantation. Tour was informative, if completely automated. Staff were friendly and helpful. Interesting at the least and pretty professional for a working farm. They were working on a type of automatic grader when I was there, but I only got to see that by accident kinda! Dont try to buy green beans from them, youll just get frustrated by the very polite refusal! I even offered to pay the roasted cost without success!!

    Mareba seems to be a great spot. If youre a coffee nut theres lots of plantations to see, but I only got to the one which is a long story......

    Mareba used to be tobacco country that with the demise of the tobacco industry is looking to replace it. "What to do now we cannot sell chop-chop??!!"

    Apparently the Sybury Palntation has recently spent millions on developing itself as a tourist complex. That makes sense, theyre on a little way from Cairns, etc. I recommend doing the Kuranda markets on the way if you can and getting Rum and Rasin icecream from the guy who sells it on the street from a van. Its the best Rum and Raisin I have tasted ever and well worth seeking out.

    I missed the CREB track Elbenao; looked a bit hard so I took the soft option and mountain biked from Cairns to Cooktown through the Daintree....

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    Re: Coffee Trail Tropical North Qld

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    I have done this recently. I liked Tichum Creek, a little tiny place that was once a tobacco plantation. The owner made me an excellent coffee. Coffee works is great for coffee enthuiasts, its got a great collection of coffee related ephemera, and you can do tours and taste the coffees. I think it would be better if you got a guided coffee tasting though rather than DIYing it. They have a very good mix of local and other coffees. I remember thinking the entry price was a bit steep (somewhere between $13 and 16 from memory), which is high considering the profit they make from most people buying coffee. I wasnt that impressed by the chocolate except for the coffee chocolate, which had this interesting texture, kind of like it had ground up beans throughout it.
    Skybury is very slick, very tourist orientated, you get to see this video in a little cinema and theres a nice restaurant, but when I go to these sort of places, I want to feel like am connecting with nature, that am buying or visiting the farm gate so to speak, and here its all a bit schmick for my liking. Jacques comes highly recommended by locals. BTW, if anyone is ever in Port Douglas, check out Re:Hab cafe, they are very very serious about their coffee and make a great cup.

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